Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday night's alright for opening....

It was a lazy day today, filled with video games and TV. I tried to get outside to do some yardwork, but the mower was broken, so I was "forced" to play some more Guitar Hero.

Couldn't forget about "the pledge" today. Opened about 12 figures, mostly TAC stuff. This time, I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking.

Set up the new Mace figure in a little battle with you know who....

Added another Airborne clone or two to the army. I like this picture, because the Utapau clone seems to be saying "You talkin to me?"

Opened quite a few more, but no pictures of those right now. I did want to close with what will be the best picture of my Star Wars room to date. Of's not a full view, just a little peek over the shoulder of my two newest Sideshow figures.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Buyin em faster than I can open em.

This week I have purchased the following figures:

3 Commander Appos
3 packs of Galactic Heroes
6 Figures from TAC Wave 2 (a couple of doubles).

Today I also bought a Soundwave figure (my first Transformer in a long time). He's really awesome and I had to get him.

Meanwhile, today I only opened 2 TAC figures and 1 pack (2) Galactic Heroes.

Gotta speed up the opening or slow down the purchases! :-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Star Wars meeting night

First of all, I didn't post this yesterday, but I have put a bunch of cases on hold from a local store that's going out of business. I don't get to bring them home until they actually close, but when they do....I will be making a second Star Wars room in our house in our TV room. All of the Gentle Giant, Sideshow and Koto stuff will end up in these new cabinets, leaving the Star Wars room for Hasbro stuff.

It's going to be cool...and I anticipate I'll finally be done setting up the collection sometime in June.

Headed down to Southcenter for the monthly STARS meeting. Yes, we gave ourselves a name. It stands for "Seattle Tacoma Area Rebel Scummers" (or Rebelscum Society). We talked and ate until a little after 9pm, then took a group shot for a collector's panel down at C4.

I left this evening with about 80 bucks worth of figures, 2 Appos, some Galactic Heroes and a handful of the newest TAC figures (but not the whole set). Since I didn't do anything about "the pledge" last night, I came home tonight and opened 4 figures (all Commander Appo figures). Then I lined up my army a bit better.

Tomorrow, the pledge continues and I will open at least one more figure!

P.S. Wow, it's late. Bedtime.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Some cool cases

The local Comp USA chain is going out of business and having a fixture sale. After talking about it with Heather, we've decided to buy a bunch of these and put them into the TV room.

This is going to be really expensive, but should almost double the amount of my collection I can display.

Here are three of the ones we're getting, still filled with discounted computer crap:

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend update

Didn't open stuff Friday and Saturday because I was lazy, but I made up for it today. I started opening Hasbro stuff a little after noon. Mostly clones. Heather came down to help and opened Sideshow stuff. We got a LOT done.

Here's the total for Friday, Saturday and Sunday as of 4:07pm.

2 Galactic Heroes
3 Titaniums
9 Sideshow Figures (I put together Grievous myself and Heather did the rest).
63 regular Hasbro figures

That's 76 things opened just today! Maybe I'll open a few more later, who knows?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Days 4 and 5

Even though I am busy, I have been sticking to it. I only opened one figure over each of the last two days...but that's still in keeping with the Pledge.

Yesterday was Vader's Droid R4-K5
Today was another Commander Appo. This one I left the pauldron on, I realized I'd been taking it off all the other ones so far.

Also, this morning I bought two Ultra Titaniums at TRU. Got the Gunship and Anakin's Starfighter. I really need to open these soon....because they're so awesome.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The pledge: day 3

I didn't get home tonight until after 9pm and by the time I had a little dinner, it was pushing 10pm.

I thought about going to bed, or even relaxing for the evening...but NOTHING can stop "The Pledge"!

I just ran downstairs and opened my Amber Chewbacca Bust Up exclusive, and while I was at it, I brought 4 Galatic Heroes down there with me and set them up too.

Only 5 figures, but still that's over 30 for the week so far! Not bad.

The pledge: Day 2

Even though it was 10:30pm and I had fraggin to do on my Xbox 360, I went into the Star Wars room with the intent of opening a figure. I saw some Galactic Heroes 2 packs sitting over on the floor, so I decided I could open up one package and it would be like a 2 for one bargain!

Just like potato chips, you can't just do I opened up about 10 of my Galactic Heroes 2 packs (that's 20 figures for all you math fans). That's actually more than I opened yesterday. Technically.

Not bad!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The new one

I have this bad habit of not working in the Star Wars room lately. I had a big deadline back in the winter that I had to meet to get the room looking good, but ever since that passed....I haven't really gotten back into the effort of trying to finish the thing.

I have thousands of things that still need to be opened and displayed. That's a huge project that could take weeks of me working on it every night, and that's probably why I don't like going in there. Every time I work in there, I don't feel like I made a lot of progress. I think that's because the job is so big.

So, today, I came up with a solution mand made myself a deal. Here it is:

Every single night I am home, I will open up at least one figure and put it onto the shelves. Even if it's only one, I'll be that much closer to getting the room finished.

Tonight, I tackled more than one. Went after a bunch of bust ups:

When all was said and done, I opened all of waves 5 and 6. I set them up in a "staging" area (pictured below) and eventually they went up on the shelves.

That's about 15 figures down, plus I even opened 3 of my AOTC clones! Not bad for a nights work. Tomorrow, at least one more.