Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Halo 3 toys on display

Right now I'm leaving my Halo 3 figures in the package, but I will probably eventually open them as I grab more and shelf space gets scarce. I had no idea how hard series 1 would be to track down (it's probably because I'm so close to Microsoft and Bungie employee headquarters here in WA). I only found about 6 of these at retail and the rest I had to buy on Ebay. I already pre-ordered series 2 and 3 from various e-tailers and I'm tracking down the last three figures I need either locally or eventually on Ebay. For what it's worth, I'm looking for both Grunts and the Wal Mart Spartan CQB. Woo!


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My name is Bryan and I work for a collectibles related website. We are piecing together a feature week on Star Wars collectors. I came across your blog and thought I would reach out. If you or any SW collectors you may know are interested in being featured, please contact me asap. If you have any questions I can happily assist.

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