Sunday, April 15, 2007

The new one

I have this bad habit of not working in the Star Wars room lately. I had a big deadline back in the winter that I had to meet to get the room looking good, but ever since that passed....I haven't really gotten back into the effort of trying to finish the thing.

I have thousands of things that still need to be opened and displayed. That's a huge project that could take weeks of me working on it every night, and that's probably why I don't like going in there. Every time I work in there, I don't feel like I made a lot of progress. I think that's because the job is so big.

So, today, I came up with a solution mand made myself a deal. Here it is:

Every single night I am home, I will open up at least one figure and put it onto the shelves. Even if it's only one, I'll be that much closer to getting the room finished.

Tonight, I tackled more than one. Went after a bunch of bust ups:

When all was said and done, I opened all of waves 5 and 6. I set them up in a "staging" area (pictured below) and eventually they went up on the shelves.

That's about 15 figures down, plus I even opened 3 of my AOTC clones! Not bad for a nights work. Tomorrow, at least one more.


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