Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Star Wars meeting night

First of all, I didn't post this yesterday, but I have put a bunch of cases on hold from a local store that's going out of business. I don't get to bring them home until they actually close, but when they do....I will be making a second Star Wars room in our house in our TV room. All of the Gentle Giant, Sideshow and Koto stuff will end up in these new cabinets, leaving the Star Wars room for Hasbro stuff.

It's going to be cool...and I anticipate I'll finally be done setting up the collection sometime in June.

Headed down to Southcenter for the monthly STARS meeting. Yes, we gave ourselves a name. It stands for "Seattle Tacoma Area Rebel Scummers" (or Rebelscum Society). We talked and ate until a little after 9pm, then took a group shot for a collector's panel down at C4.

I left this evening with about 80 bucks worth of figures, 2 Appos, some Galactic Heroes and a handful of the newest TAC figures (but not the whole set). Since I didn't do anything about "the pledge" last night, I came home tonight and opened 4 figures (all Commander Appo figures). Then I lined up my army a bit better.

Tomorrow, the pledge continues and I will open at least one more figure!

P.S. Wow, it's late. Bedtime.


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