Monday, February 18, 2008

An update is warranted

I haven't been purchasing a lot of collectibles lately. At first, I'd blame this on the fact that I had a lot of bills after Christmas and I was pretty "caught up" as far as what was released that I wanted to buy anyway. It's February now and I've only bought a handful of things this year, most of which were pre-orders placed last year sometime. There is all sorts of new product on the shelves, and I'm leaving it there.

Why is this?

I think there are a few reasons. For one, I've got too much stuff and not enough room to display it in. In order to get stuff onto the display shelves at this point, I have to start picking and choosing. Rather than do that, I've just stopped buying new things.

Another reason I'm not buying is there is a lot of non-Star Wars related stuff on my "to buy" list right now. I just bought a new digital camera and waterproof case for the upcoming vacation and some car audio equipment. There was the new hot tub I bought in December. "Big boy toys" are winning out over the kid stuff right now.

Not sure how permanent this will be....but for now, collecting is slow.