Friday, June 29, 2007

The week's arrivals

This week was busy for me. Over the last week, I received the following things:

1. Gentle Giant Zuckuss mini bust. Bought it from a seller on Rebelscum for about 45 bucks shipped. Not bad, considering I saw it at C4 for 45.

2. Gentle Giant Slave Leia Statue. This arrived on Wednesday. I can't wait to open it, but will have it's going into the new Star Wars room, not the old one.

3. An autographed picture of the 501st and George Lucas at the Rose Parade. That
was the biggest surprise of all.

4. Yesterday I got my 85 dollar C4 Medallion holder for all the coins I picked up at those collector's panels. I put it together and put the coins into it last night. Pictures will be coming someday soon.

5. Today I got my first Master Replicas helmet (probably my last too). 501st Helmet. I ordered this while in Texas for John's wedding. Total cost: 368 bucks. Being able to order a Master Replicas helmet I've wanted for a long time for better than retail (that was supposedly sold out as of last year): Priceless. Thanks go out to Jim for setting this up for me.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Score of the day!

This morning I hit TRU and found one lone Hunt for Grievous 5 pack of clones sitting on the shelves. Those things have been gone since the fall and were 25 bucks when they were originally on sale.

Today's price: 12.00


Friday, June 08, 2007

The Scout has been ordered

This was a rather busy week for Sideshow collectibles. They have just received a pre-order for their 799.99 Biker Scout. This will be my most expensive collectible ever, but after seeing it at Celebration 4, there was absolutely no way I would pass it up.
I guess it's being released first quarter 2008, so I have a nice long time to save my pennies.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pre-ordered my Sideshow Obi Wan

I almost forgot, but this morning...I pre-ordered my Sideshow Ben Kenobi figure. Saw it at C4, it looks pretty darn awesome. He'll be here sometime in the fall for 67.13