Friday, January 26, 2007

January is catch-up month

Because of my rule of not buying anything in the month of December (Christmas and all) January is the month I play catch-up. Chris picked up wave 8 for me. I also bought a few of the clones in the picture myself at Target over the last few days.

Struck out on the RAH Boba!

So, even though I was up until after 1am last night/this morning, I got up and made it to work in time for the Real Action Heroes Boba Fett figure.

I logged into the Sideshow toys site.

Then I went and got some cereal and some tea from the kitchen. Then, work interferred with my toy collecting and I completely spaced the pre-order!

They were sold out in 20 minutes, which was much faster than it took me to realize I forgot to order it.


A new year, some new clones

2006 has started off with a bang. I guess I need to rename the blog "Another year in the life of a Star Wars collector". Or I could call it: "the life of a Star Wars collector"

It matters not.

Anyway, when Christmas was over and done with, it was time once again to begin shopping. I have this rule that I can't shop for anything for myself during the month of December and I stayed true to that rule once again. That means that I completely missed out on the Mace Windu clone pack that hit Target during that month.

Thank the maker for Rebelscum!. I posted a classified ad there and within 24 hours, I had all the Mace Clones I need on the way to my house, for reasonable prices. How many you ask?

Just take a look:

Anyway, I had a late night tonight (discussed briefly on my regular blog), so I better get to bed. Tomorrow morning, I've got to get up and pre-order the RAH Boba Fett!