Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Opened some stuff tonight...

Ok, not really "opened", but I did take some recent online purchases out of their shipping boxes and look at them. I opened three Gentle Giant busts (Dengar, the Jawas and Leia) then took a look at my recently arrived Gentle Giant Premiere Guild gifts. It consisted of:

  • A very flimsy messenger bag (that is too small for a laptop, but might hold some messages in paper form).
  • A Star Wars bust up I already have.
  • A set of Simpsons bust ups. I've never collected these, but they're damn cool.
  • A Gentle Giant Mouse Pad.

Not bad, considering they've also sent out a poster and the Boba Fett Silver Bust Up to me. I'm not sure if that's worth 50 bucks, but when combined with the fact that I won the raffle for the Clone 5 pack....it's not too shabby.

On Christmas break, I'm going to do some mad opening and picture posting. Watch for it.


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