Thursday, November 09, 2006

Much progress in the Star Wars room!

With the deadline looming, it was time to get to work. This has been a crazy, crazy week (I may update my regular blog about that sometime) but we've been doing work in the Star Wars room every night as soon as we get home from work because we're in the home stretch!

Tonight's job was putting the glass shelves into the cabinets. Started with the wall cabinets:

Next, it was time to make another trip to Ikea. Heather and I picked up 16 of these little clamp lights (Clamp! Clamp!) that will hang off the cabinets as pictured below:

There are 8 cabinets (16 lights). Here's what one of the finished products looks like:

Once that was was time to put the shelves into the glass display cases. Only got one done tonight, but it's looking pretty sweet. Sneak a peek!


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