Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shelves are UP!

When I got home tonight, Heather already had the cabinets all built. After last night's torture of an evening hanging those brackets, she was worried I was going to be frustrated, but tonight...they went up like a charm.

In the first hour, we had two more shelves hung.

They are hanging about 10 inches down from the ceiling, which turned out to be just enough to stick a carded figure between the shelf and the ceiling. The ones I hung last night were 9 1/2", which wasn't quite big enough, but the rest of the room will be ok.

We leveled out the brackets all the same height and finished up the room before 10. We had time to eat dinner and watch 2 episodes of ER before it was time to go to bed.

I had to stop in one more time before the night was through to admire the handywork. I know it may not seem spectacular, but the fact that we got all 8 shelves hung (and level with one another) in 2 nights was a really big deal. Even though it was tough, I was really glad that I got to do all of this with my wife, who was kind enough to give up several of her evenings to work on this room with me.

The hard part is done. From here on in, it is all fun stuff.


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