Monday, July 24, 2006

Progress update

We took a day off Sunday to recoop from my trip to the Gorge for Pearl Jam and Heather's trip to Steve and Katie's wedding. We both slept in late and spent the whole day taking it easy. Even though we had planned to hang shelves this weekend, Sunday was not a day to work.

Today, I went to Home Depot on the way home from work and bought screws and a metal cutting blade for my jigsaw.

I sliced up all four of the 7 foot long metal brackets while Heather put together the white Ikea cabinets we're hanging on the walls.

Each bracket had to be cut into just under 6 foot lengths, then I had to cut one of them into two 3 foot pieces. Heather finished 6 of the cabinets while I was doing this.

Then came time to screw the brackets into the wall. It had been a very long day, so I was already tired, but the fact that I had bought the wrong screws just made me furious. The dumbass clerk at the Home Depot gave me a back of sheet metal screws when I needed Drywall (wood) screws. I don't know why I didn't notice it until I opened one of the baggies, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. The stupid things wouldn't chew through the studs and the heads were being stripped by the drill. After two failed attempts, I had a short temper tantrum then went back to Home Depot.

When I returned, Heather had all but two of the cabinets done and we proceeded to hang the first bracket. By 10pm we had it up and by about 10:30 we were done with hanging the first two shelves.

This was a perfect time for a break. Tomorrow, we will hang the rest of the shelves on the walls.


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