Friday, October 27, 2006

Detolf Tastic

As I mentioned in the last post, work has slowly (but surely) but going on in the Star Wars room.

This week, Heather and I made a goal that we would finish with all of the Detolfs. What is a Detolf you ask? Why, it's a small glass cabinet about 18 inches wide, 18 inches deep and about 5 feet tall. We bought 5 of them to cap off every square foot of space in the Star Wars room. There's not going to be an inch of unused space in this room.

Heather did one by herself last week, pictured below.

We did one more on Monday night and another on Wednesday before lost. Just look at the wonderful packaging that was left in our constructive wake!

Due to some circumstances I will not be discussing on my blog, I want this room finished in the next 20 days so I can do a big unveiling. It's going to be a ton of work, but we're in the final stretch. John came over tonight to help me put together the last two shelves and move them into the room.

I don't want to show off the entire room just yet (Although I'm sure your minds eye can put it together by now), but here are two more juicy preview pictures:

First, the Detolfs next to the glass cabinets and white shelves:

Last, but not are three more (near their final resting spot in front of the newly installed Star Wars Blind).

So what's left to do?

1. Install glass shelves in all the cabinets, Detolf shelves and display cases.
2. Install more lighting. The black paint looks cool, but it sucks light out of the room like a giant vaccuum.
3. Unpack and set up all the toys. This will take the most time, but will be the most fun.

The only thing standing in my way is time. Work is really busy right now, so I only have a few hours each night to do this, but I'm hoping to get a little help from a few friends. If I really buckle down and work on this, it's going to get done!


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