Friday, August 25, 2006


I got an email today from Sideshow that my Ed-209 Wait List item is about to become an order. This is so unbelievably awesome. These things are over 200 bucks, but I've always wanted a good replica of this beast and this is THE one. I think it's going to be really hard to find on the aftermarket, so I'm glad I snagged one early for retail cost. I'll take pictures with him and Robocop when he arrives.

Speaking of Robocop, last week Fedex tried to deliver him 3 times before I finally had to go pick him up. I thought it was my Bespin Han Sideshow figure, but actually, it turned out it was Mr. Murphy and I had no idea that was actually on the way. Sideshow Han is shipping now I guess.

The only other collecting news is I just picked up a Mara Jade minibust thanks to someone on the 501st forums. Ultra limited and exclusive to Gen-Con, this was a hard one to get, but I'm glad I finally nailed it down before they go too crazy in price.

Gentle Giant has so much cool stuff coming out this year, I'm not sure how I'll afford it all. They're second only to Sideshow in my favorites right now. Speaking of which....want to see something sick?

Observe all my orders for Sideshow this year. I know the totals are kind of hard to read, but the moral of the story is that this hobby adds up. Ouch.


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