Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Comic Con haul has arrived

First of all, I didn't make it down this year, but I had 3 friends kind enough to pick stuff up for me. Jim from Rebelscum grabbed me a ton of goodies. Bethany and Badger were kind enough to fly with some stuff as carry-on baggage. All the stuff from Comic Con has returned safely and is now in my hot little hands, ready for photography.

After a frantic email saying "Oh my God, Chasing Amy figures are at the con!" on Saturday, Jim picked up the Chasing Amy inaction figures (which made their debut at the con). He opened them for easier travel and they made their way here safely for me.

Jim also got not one, but all three exclusive Halo figures, which were only offered via a special raffle ticket (he said these were easy to get, but I'm still surprised he got all three). My favorite is the blood splattered soldier.

Jim picked up a 501st action figure exclusive and two free posters. I need a place to hang all these. Office maybe?

Last but not least (and most imporantly) the Gentle Giant Shocktroopers! Luck struck twice because Badger got them as well and you see both of them here. They each come with a bust-up in the box. Also displayed was a Darth Vader bust up and a Gold Titanium I got from Jim. If these guys couldn't get anything else, these were what I wanted most and will cherish above all other goodies from this year's haul.

That's it for the Comic Con loot. Many thanks to my friends that hooked me up. I can only hope to repay the favor at a future convention. Together, the costs from this haul were over 300 dollars, but that's still hundreds cheaper than what I would have spent if Heather and I actually attended. I wish we could have gone, but the fact that all the goodies were picked up by some pals certainly makes up for most of that.

It's nice to know cool people.

Now, onto some other stuff. This Anakin figure I mail ordered from Sideshow myself. He's a Comic Con exclusive and he arrived along with an order from Star Wars Shop earlier this week. Now I have two Anakins (one evil, one pre-evil). Not sure if I'll keep em both, it turns out in real life, they're quite similar. In the meantime, here he is:

One more picture I wanted to share....was one I made with the Banky figure. Some boardie on the VA site was complaining that Banky would not stand up. I quickly snapped these shots to prove that he can. Not the greatest picture, but it was pretty funny:


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