Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Pre-orders are in

Today, I pre-ordered the Sideshow Jabba. Jabba himself is 119 bucks, his throne is another 200 and then you have to pay 30 bucks for all the critters. Damn expensive, but this is the best reproduction of him I have ever seen in any scale. I'm definitely going to make this the centerpiece of my 12" collection, and I have enough figures to go along with him that he won't be a lonely Hutt for long.

Also pre-ordered some clones through Starwarsshop that are based on Republic Commando. Actually, Chris ordered them and I'm going to piggy-back on his order to save on shipping.

Combine that with all the things being picked up at Comic Con for me (Shocktrooper bust and bust up, Vader bust up, Hasbro Figures, a couple of Halo toys and as of 2 hours ago, the Chasing Amy inaction figures) and this is going to be one expensive month!

Luckily, I hope by the end of the month I will have my killer Star Wars room finished and can start setting all this stuff up!


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