Friday, November 17, 2006

The home stretch

This week has been a mad rush to finish before Monday.

Heather and I worked every night this week except for two. Monday we put in at least two hours. John came over that day I think. Tuesday was a light day. Mostly I spent it taking out all the plastic packaging (ended up filling one 90 gallon recycle bin and still having some left over). Wednesday night we went out to dinner and a movie, so I didn't work that night. Some progress ended up being made that evening though, because she went into "Storeables" (which was below the movie theater in the mall) and we found these clear display risers on sale! They were on 9.74 each, but they only had 2. I ordered a dozen more and they said I could still have the sale price. As Borat would say: "Nice!"

Thursday, I got home late, so I didn't do a damn thing. I watched a TV show or two with Heather. It was a terrible night to take a break, but we did it anyway. It'll all work out.

On Friday night, I had a few folks over to work on the room. Angie showed up first, followed by Craig and Toma. Heather had made everyone some lasagna, salad and bread, so we took a nice dinner break to enjoy that. John showed up sometime around 9pm and after we all finished dinner we got back to work. Toma opened figures for us, Heather and Angie worked on two cases full of 12" figures while John and I worked on 3 3/4" Hasbro figures. Craig was in charge of the cabinet on the back wall where he is setting up the Emperor's shuttle landing. That is the one "diorama" type shelf I really wanted to do. The other one I kind of want to have is the Arena.

We all worked until just before midnight tonight. There's still a lot to do and by a lot, I way in hell will we ever finish. Check out some of the boxes still left to unpack. There's a whole closet full besides these:


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