Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Paint it black

I came home from work this evening and Heather had the room pretty much finished. There wasn't even any rolling for me to do. She was using the paint pad and roller to put the finishing touches on it.

We took a trip down to Ikea yesterday to check out what kind of shelves we might want for above the display cases. We found them, and just need to decide between the birch and the white wood. I think I'm going with the white, as this room is going to be totally black and white, like the Vintage packaging.

Pictures to follow very soon.

In other news, Comic Con is underway and we're not there. I'm looking at the merchandise on Galactic Hunter and Rebelscum. Gentle Giant's Leia is my new favorite statue this year and a total must have for me. The Sideshow Jabba is my number 2 favorite and I will definitely buy that.

Star Wars room, here we come.


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