Monday, July 17, 2006

The new Star Wars room is underway

So, there has been a lot of progress on the Star Wars room this week. Heather can be thanked for most of it. She called me on Thursday to tell me that there were shelves on Craigslist that I would love. I was stuck in a meeting, but I know she knows my tastes, so I asked her to go ahead and email them. We've gone through this several times and I keep missing out because I'm not first. This time, she got a hold of the seller within hours of these display cases going online, so I was right in there.

Friday evening, I went to the cell phone store that was selling the display cases. It was a Sprint Store that had been merged with Nextel, so all of the display cases had to go. They were exactly what I wanted. I called the owner and agreed to buy several of these.

The next day, Craig came out with his truck and we made 3 trips to 2 different Sprint stores, where we loaded up his truck with shelves. Because the Star Wars room is downstairs and the garage is upstairs, we came up with a more creative way to unload the cases. Craig drove his truck right down the hill of the vacant lot next to my house, through the trees and everything.

After unloading all the shelves, the next task was to paint the room. On Saturday morning, Heather and I had moved all the toys out of the room (they're now all over the bottom floor of the house) and while I was moving the shelves with Craig and Andrew, she taped up the entire room to get it ready for painting.

She also managed to clean the house while we were gone, so that we could have a BBQ when we got done working. Pretty cool girl, that one I married.

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling very ill. Probably something I ate from the grill. I was ready to bag the painting idea for that day (I could barely sit up) but Heather decided that the show would go on. She went to Home Depot, got the paint...and her and her brother primed the entire room while I was passed out upstairs.

Today, I went to work and when I came home, she had already put the first coat of black on the roof. Yes, we're painting the entire room black. It's going to look really cool. She cut the rest of the room in while I did the walls...and by 8pm tonight, the first coat was done. Tomorrow, we may put on coat #2 or we may let it dry one more day before doing that and spend tomorrow picking out the last few shelves instead.

More updates as they come, but this is going to be the best Star Wars room yet, I know it.


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