Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Monthly Red Robin Meeting

Headed down to Southcenter with John for the monthly Red Robin collector's meeting. We got there right at 7pm despite leaving my house a little after 6:40 (the new house does have it's advantages)...and there were a lot of people there. Probably closer to 14 this month, which meant we had to get two tables.

John and I only stayed long enough to eat burgers, as we had to go get into the Superman Returns line. At this meeting, I picked up another JTA Assault pack, some Galactic Heroes, the new Clone Wars Gunship, a Tatooine Wave Sandtrooper and an Arc Lithograph from Jim. I sold him my extra Celebration 3 Sandtrooper for cost, which meant that I owed him about 45 bucks for all of that. Wasn't a bad haul and this was the cheapest meeting so far this year. :-)

I really need to post pictures of all this new stuff. I shall do so soon. Really I shall.


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