Monday, January 23, 2006

Mondays can be good

I had a particularly crappy day at work (my office was flooded, which I'll post about in my regular blog sometime) so it was nice to come home to a package on the counter from Gentle Giant.

Inside, was my Salacious Crumb bust, which I promptly took out of the box and set up. I took a picture without a flash so the glory of C-3PO's battery operated blinking eyeball could be seen.

I was having so much fun opening busts, that I decided to open up the Anakin and Grievous Maquettes I got the other day. I now have an entire shelf of the Clone Wars maquettes. Unfortunately, I also managed to break the saber off of my Obi-Wan, so I sent off a letter to Gentle Giant to see if they can replace the blade. Crossing fingers on that one.

Last but not least, today I found out I got my refund for the C-3PO bust Star Wars Shop screwed up on. The replacement I purchased on Ebay hasn't arrived yet, but at least I now have my 50 bucks to put towards the 90 it cost me. I'm still mad about that one.


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