Friday, January 20, 2006

Kit Fisto on order

Sideshow collectibles took over the 12" line where Hasbro left it off last year. Their figures cost 50 bucks instead of 20 and although I don't own one yet, from everything I've seen on the's easy to see where the extra money goes. The first of their figures went up for sale last year, and I didn't buy it because at the time, it seemed like it was "just another Luke", only this one cost 50 dollars. I let the Anakin Skywalker slip away, because I already had him in 12" form as well.

Then they released the Obi-Wan, and after looking at what a great likeness it was, especially compared to Hasbro's crappy version, I decided I needed to pre-order. Because I waited a week or two, I didn't get the limited edition, just the regular one. That's ok...I don't need the extra gun he comes with, and this thing is night and day better than Hasbro's stupid stuff.

Now I'm feeling regret for not getting the first two, because I have a feeling I may have to buy these things on Ebay. I'm on the wait list for both of them, but I doubt I'll be chosen.

In the last few weeks, they announced Kit Fisto and since he hasn't been made in this scale before, I decided I had to get this guy. I chose to go for the limited edition this morning when they went on sale at 10:00am. The limited edition comes with a battle droid head, which I'm not sure I need...but for some reason am glad I'm going to have. I do like the battle droids.

In other collecting news today, someone on Rebelscum posted a link to Action HQ, where they're having a sale on Kotos. The Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper (which is just a stormtrooper with two interchangeable heads, 1 helmet and 1 Luke) and the Han Solo can be bought together for about 60 bucks each. I just bought 4 kotos a few weeks ago, and I'm not sure I want to buy two more....but I may miss out on this deal if I don't. I've been spending too much this month, so I'm going to ponder it for a night.


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