Monday, January 09, 2006

The continuing saga of the Gentle Giant AOTC C-3PO mini bust

Technically, this should be considered a story from last year, since I ordered this bust in the fall. However, it's carried over until 2006, so I think it's worthy of a post.

When we went to Celebration 3 last year, Gentle Giant had a C-3PO statue in their display case. It was the grey version, from Attack of the that point, an unreleased product. I asked them when they planned to release it. Would it be a Comic Con exclusive? Would they be selling it on one of the websites? Would it be part of the regular line, or perhaps a credit card giveway?

They would not answer.

Awhile after we returned from the trip, it was announced online that the C-3PO bust we saw would indeed be a convention exclusive, but for a convention in Singapore. I was frustrated, until I found that these would be on in a very limited amount. I purchased mine within hours of it going on sale and added another figure I'd been meaning to order while I was there.

When the bust finally arrived in December, it was not the convention exclusive I had ordered. Star Wars Shop had screwed up and sent me the regular gold version. I figured they'd solve this problem for me and sent them a letter asking for the correct bust, but of course...they were completely sold out. I figured they must have some for customer returns, but they said they did not.

I've sent 5 or 6 letters since then, each one asking for a solution. They don't have one for me. I sent another one today, asking for either the bust I ordered...or a refund plus 50 dollars so that I can buy it on Ebay. I even said the 50 dollars can be in their store credit.

I await their reply. I just want them to make this right. In the meantime, I have taken matters into my own hands. I'm watching Ebay for the right auction and I have classified ads at both Rebelscum and JediDefender. No replies yet, but I am hoping someone will sell me one of these for a decent price. Doubtful, but I still want the thing, so I'm not giving up.


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