Friday, January 13, 2006

The Jedi-Con Two Pack

My friend Chris from the local Rebelscum collector's group sent me a mail this morning letting me know that another local collector (also named Chris) was selling his Jedi-Con 2-pack for cost. I was never able to pick up or trade for one of these puppies, so I agreed to buy it. I'll be picking it up from him at the collector's meeting we have every month.

Every once in awhile in the life of a collector.....something random and unexpected like this happens! It's great.

Speaking of random and unexpected, this morning, Brandon called me at around 9am to inform me that Wal Mart in Renton had the Star Wars Foosball tables for 21 bucks. It's too big to fit into my bug and I don't really like foosball that much, but I have a feeling I may regret passing that up at some point.

Searched Ebay again and bumped my classified ad for the C-3PO bust. No luck so far. I hate Star Wars Shop with a passion right now.


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