Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ice Ice Salacious

Today a Gentle Giant collector's club email went out announcing their Salacious Crumb bust is up for sale. In addition to that, they also were selling a 6 pack of the Hoth Bust ups Ice version variations via their website.

The Salacious bust was previously only available as a holiday exclusive that went out to bigwigs in the collecting world. I'm not one of those people, so other than paying 2000 dollars on Ebay for one, I'd have no chance to get this little guy in my collection until now. I'm glad they've released it (without the Santa hat) to the rest of us.

The "Ice" bust ups are simply clear versions of the series 5 Hoth Bust ups that I already have. Normally, they are only 2 per case, so they're kind of hard to find....but now I can buy them all in one shot, which is my favorite way to buy things.

I will of course post pictures once I receive these suckers. I plan to post pictures of everything I buy this year, if it's at all possible.


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