Friday, January 06, 2006

The Master Replicas Mini Sabers

My friend Walter has been looking for a Master Replicas Yoda Saber from Comic Con last year since the convention. He was unable to go, so he asked our friend Brandon to pick one up for him. Brandon gladly did, but when he opened the box, he found that he was lucky enough to find a gold one. The gold sabers are quite rare and Brandon decided to keep that one and the other one that he bought for himself. Brandon is a variation collector, so this isn't really a big surprise....he's just trying to maintain a complete collection.

Anyway, ever since I heard about this, I have been keeping an eye out for one of the regular sabers for Walter and have gone so far as to post a classified ad or two for him on various Star Wars sites, but as of last week I had no luck. It's been several months of trying, and I figured sooner or later I'd find it for him.

Today, I saw someone on Rebelscum selling off their collection of Master Replicas lightsabers. I asked the topic starter if the Yoda saber they were selling was the Comic Con exclusive. He said no, but sent me a link to someone who was selling it. I immediately sent him a message asking to buy it.

Then...I started looking at his other items. He was selling the mini-sabers at very reasonable prices. I don't collect these, but what a way to start! I could buy the one Walter needs and start myself off with a couple as well. I made him an offer and soon I was in for 180 bucks worth of Master Replicas goodness.

It didn't stop there. I visited Ebay a few hours later and found a seller selling an almost complete set of them, for another 180 dollars. I picked up that lot as well. 179.99 with free shipping.

Within a couple of hours, I had purchased 359.99 worth of .45 scale lightsabers less of course the cost of the one I originally found for Walter.

Being a collector can be dangerous.


Blogger Lady H said...

It's like you're leading a double life! Now I'll finally know what you're up to.


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