Saturday, February 10, 2007

Picked up another carload

This week I picked up a bunch of figures from my local pals Jim and Chris. Without these guys, I think my armies would be quite a bit less impressive. 1st up, Chris had the new Wal Mart wave for me. Sorry about the crappy picture, but I didn't use a flash.

I also went by Target this weekend and got a bunch of clones for myself while shopping with Heather. It's so rare that I find new clones, that I was thrilled when I found 5 or 6 all in one shot. These were augmented by a couple more figures that Chris had for me. He also picked up an Ilum battlepack and a couple of the wave nine guys. They are all pictured below:

I met up with Jim in a 7/11 parking lot on a Friday night. It was right in the middle of our work locations and we thought it would be a good spot. With our trunks open and cash in hand, people could have mistaken us for drug dealers if there weren't some dudes actually smoking crack not 10 feet away from us near the dumpster. I gave Jim his Yoda lightsaber that I've been holding for him since Christmas Eve. He had a box of bust ups he's probably been holding for twice that long. are the bust ups Jim had for me, the entire Clone Wars wave (minus the variants) and a Leia with Gun out that I've been looking for since the line began. Cool beans!

When I got home...there was a door tag on my door. I had missed a delivery!


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