Friday, June 02, 2006

Large Picture update

I snapped some pictures of all my recent buys tonight. Rather than putting them in their original posts, I'm just going to post them all here:

First, today's haul. I went to TRU this morning on a tip from Chris and scored the new exclusive Clone Pack. One for me and one each for Trevor, Chris and one one of his friends. It's great when collectors can help each other out.

Next comes the Sideshow Luke I just received. I bought him from someone on Jedidefender. Luke is the figure that I missed when they were sold on Sideshow's website, so I was really happy when someone at JD emailed me to say he had one for cost.

After that wonderful specimen comes my General Grievous maquette. Yes, I already owned this, but if you remember...he had a broken ear. I sent him back to the site I bought him from and they replaced him. All I had to pay was the outbound shipping. Toynk wins my thumbs up for good customer service on that one. I buy from them all the time and I'll continue to do so, thanks to this:

While we're on the subject of Gentle Giant busts, The two that I ordered from and mentioned earlier both got here awhile ago. They're on my very messy dining room table right now. Here they be:

Lando is still in the plastic, but you get the idea. Someday, these will be back on the shelves.

Last but not least, this Tuesday I picked up some figures from Jim and Chris. The Lucas family Star Wars Shop exclusive, some new Unleashed figures, and a display stand for them. Here they be:

That's everything I've picked up lately. I hesitate to share the number I'm at as far as Star Wars spending goes (it makes me sound insane) but let's say for the year it's over 1000 and under 2k. Barely under. I don't anticipate buying a TON of stuff the rest of this year, but I have a goal to come in under...and I still think I can do it.

The Star Wars collection rages on!


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