Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April Collector's Meeting

As I probably mentioned on my regular blog, Heather and I have just moved into a new house. We're trying to sell our old house, so money is really tight right now. I'm trying to avoid random purchases, so I knew the collector's meeting this month was going to be a tough temptation.

I already knew I had a whole bunch of stuff coming from Chris and Jim. Chris had ordered both of the Remote Controlled R2 units for me from SWS, plus he had some army builders and a couple of the new battle packs. Jim was holding onto a battle pack and some army builders. I figured I was at least 200 bucks in the hole to those guys before I ever got to the meeting.

I ended up buying a few more unexpected goodies down there.

First, the stuff I knew was coming:

Senate Battle Packs (I got 2, but would actually like more than that because of the cool clones and the pods they come with)

My first three VTSC figures. I actually bought 2 more of the Biker Scouts (not shown) but aside from these three figures I still need a Greedo and a Sandtrooper to complete the set and order my mail away George Lucas in Stormtrooper gear.

Two more Jedi Temple Assault packs. These are awesome to me because they come with 3 of my favorite clones. I knew one was coming, but ended up buying an extra at the meeting that I wasn't expecting.

The aforementioned imported remote control R2 units that Chris ordered from Star Wars Shop, plus a Demise of Grievous figure, which just came out today along with the Senate packs. Thankfully, only one of each of these. The droids are 20 bucks and the Grievous was 13.

Last, but certainly not least....a new face at the meeting (but no stranger to Rebelscum where he is named after one of my favorite Sith pop singers) brought these cool Wal Mart figure stands in the back of his car. He offered me one for free, which I promptly brought home and filled with Clones I have yet to open.

Check it!

This box can actually be seen in an earlier picture of my collection (which I really took just this morning and then back dated) but....now it's full and that's how I plan to display it.

Overall, it was a fun night as usual, but I came away with much too much stuff. Over 300 bucks worth to be exact. Let's see how long I can hold off before my next spree.


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