Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Packing up the Star Wars Room

This weekend I spent over 12 hours packing up my collection, because we're moving to a new house at the end of the month.

I started with the easy stuff (carded figures), then moved on to the loose figures. I put figures into hundreds of Ziploc bags that were leftover from the last time I moved the collection. After that it was odds and ends, plus all those collectibles I have that AREN'T Star Wars. In the end, the entire room is filled with boxes but it's pretty much ready to go except for the vehicles.

Right before I packed the room up, I did take pictures of the collection in all it's glory. I will have to post those to a proper website someday soon, as both proof that I did have a Star Wars room once and inspiration to create a new one in the new house.


Blogger Greg Carter said...

Hi there. I came across your blog via Google (looking for a good price on the Sideshow Mace Windu). I dig it. I did have one question: When did you decide to do a year-in-the-life? As a New Year's resolution? I'm curious because I'm heading on the 1-year anniversary of my becoming a serious SW collector (with the ROTS excitement last year). I like your concept, though. My own record of collecting includes ocassional, personal essays and weekly capsule reviews of new acquisitions. You can check them out here:



Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog. Please visit mine some time and feel free to leave comments.

6:54 AM  

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