Friday, April 21, 2006

My first UGHs

This year, Star Wars collectors have a new bane: The UGH.

What is the UGH?

Other than the expression I made when I first heard about these dumb things, UGH actually stands for something. Ultimate Galactic Hunt is the name Hasbro has given to certain short-packed figures they have created that come with a special silver mini-hologram figure. They also have a shiny silver stand for the full sized figure.

Never mind that a hologram shouldn't be silver, or that no figure needs the "foot bling" of a silver foil stand, this is just annoying. All the completist collectors out there now want every figure on a regular card and on an "UGH" card. Me? I've never even seen an UGH.

Until today.

On the pegs at the Redmond Fred Meyer, I found a couple of Commander Cody UGH figures:

I also found several AT AT drivers on UGH cards:

I ended up buying 2 of each. My justification for buying these things was:

1. They are both good army builders.
2. Local collectors who I'll be seeing in a few days might want them.
3. I can always return them if no one needs them.

I usually don't buy "Trade bait" (commonly referred to as figures I don't need) but since I don't own any UGH figures and these were the first ones I'd ever seen, I figured I'd go ahead and buy em.

If I don't trade them to someone local who needs them, I've decided I'm going to open them all right away. They are army builders after all...and I do love those.


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