Monday, April 10, 2006

Procrastination has a price

During the "Midnight Madness" event for Revenge of the Sith toys last year, all the retailers opened early to sell Star Wars toys. One of the cool exclusive things Wal*Mart had was this exclusive 4 pack of figures. It wasn't actually a 4 pack of figures, it was a diorama that came with a certificate you had to mail away to get 4 figures. The diorama cost 30 bucks.

Of course, I bought one. It can be seen in the Gallery section on amongst my "haul" for that night. I saved the receipt (which I still have) but somehow, I managed to wait so long that the offer for the 4 figures has expired.

Now....I just have this stupid plastic diorama (still in the package) that I paid 30 bucks for. I'm probably going to have to spend 30 or 40 bucks online someday if I ever want the figures.

Today, I hate me.


Blogger Michael said...

I heard Columbus Ohio is going to Star Wars exhiition this summer at one of the museum

5:30 PM  

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