Saturday, August 11, 2007

Everybody's working for the weekend

When does opening toys become work? When you're doing it by the hundreds, that's when. Still, it's fun work...and Heather and I decided to make a day of it today. While she was setting up my Halo, Clerks and South Park figures, I was opening up every box of Star Wars toys in the closet and finding out exactly what's inside. Afterwards, I separated the stuff I wanted to put on display from the stuff that needed to be stored, then re-boxed those things and labeled every box with what was inside.

Neither job was a small task, but we each put about 7 hours of work in today and got a lot done. As of this evening, the Muppets, Clerks, Halo, Simpsons and South Park displays are finished. Yes....I collect a lot of toys. The closet is nicely organized, to the point where I now know where everything is and can actually get to most of it if needed. Check it:

Besides the stuff pictured above (which is going to be in storage for awhile until I find room for it), there are roughly 6 boxes (no more than 200 figures) left to open. We might be able to finish that tomorrow, but if not...certainly by the end of the week.

The Star Wars room is nearly done!


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