Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Painting the next Star Wars Room

So, I thought we were all done with painting in the Star Wars room. Techincally, I guess we were. That was the old room, this is the new one. A few weeks ago, Heather let me know that I could take over yet another room in our house with Star Wars stuff (which also meant that we would need to paint yet again).

So, here are the pics taken as we prepare to transform our movie room into our second Star Wars room. Crazy? Indeed. Cool? Indeed as well.

First, Heather wanted to make the room totally white so we could use some design software to see what different colors might look like on the walls.

Next, she picked a color (no black this time). We began painting the room a nice light green.

Here's a panel of the finished product (Heather created a "faux finish"). I had nothing to do with that, I just used the roller.

Next, it was time to move the cases in. That was done easily with some cheap furniture moving disks. We pushed each one into the TV room, followed by the next...until all 6 were lined up against the East and South walls.

Next, I had to take out all the cabinet lights. They had these old, hard wired flourescent bulbs in them. I plan to replace those with little Halogen bulbs from Home Depot. Here those are:

I got about 10 of the Halogens installed (it's actually pretty tough work) before calling it a night. We'll work on that a lot more next month. One last shot of me inside the cabinet, with my two screwdrivers. 10 down, only about 30 more to go.


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